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Romy de Lignée Studio le temps rencontre le design

Beaubleu meets Romy Bunan from Lignée Studio: time and design

We have already told you in the past with the Penso workshop, meeting an artisan is first and foremost a journey, which is as captivating as it is varied. The coincidence of things takes us (for once) beyond Parisian life, in the middle of the vineyards under a sun in the South of France, where we meet Romy from Lignée Studio who talks to us about the importance of time in her creations.

Time: complex material for creating

Our primary Parisianism asks us about this beautiful meeting place to talk about art, creation and design. A wine estate to talk about design? Well yes, this is the beginning of all things for Romy and we are going to discover it in the most beautiful way. First of all, a smell that emerges from the stone cellar, that of the sweet humidity which keeps the wine and the wood of the barrels. Then, once inside, this veteran of the decorative arts shares with us the heart of her creation - not wine but time - the one that improves, that tells you a story and takes you on a journey not through time but through time: past, present and future.

And that’s what fascinated us about Romy, her ability to draw forms and uses from memories of the past. There are those with his father, where the intelligence of the hand brings spontaneity and character to the production. But there is also this very place where we are, overlooked by a light installation made up of nearly 1000 bottles above the barrel room by Lignée Studio.

Create an object like a jewel, create a jewel like an object

Questioning the very essence of jewelry, where the wearer is no longer simply a person but also a place. Nothing decorative art here, but through her lighting or jewelry, Romy wants to extend the identity of a place or its owner. Obviously it's no surprise that this inspires us, when we ask her how she manages to create this link between creation and recipient? She responds to us in complete spontaneity “as you entered here, by the same sensitive, olfactory, visual and sensory process”. So recreating the emotional connection with the objects around us for a fairer and more poetic use, a credo that Beaubleu can only agree with.