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Trois montres Beaubleu : GMT Verte, GMT Bleue et Origine Bleue, avec bracelet tropic, posées sur un carnet.


The art of personalization
#couleur_Boucle Acier #color_Steel Buckle
Grained Blue Sale price€90
#couleur_Boucle Acier #color_Steel Buckle
Grained Black Sale price€90
#couleur_Boucle Acier #color_Steel Buckle
Grained Green Sale price€90
Bracelet Beaubleu acier tressé
Braided Steel Sale price€200
Bracelet Beaubleu or rose
Tropic Black
Tropic Black Sale price€69
Tropic Khaki
Tropic Khaki Sale price€69
Tropic Blue
Tropic Blue Sale price€69
Tropic Gray
Tropic Gray Sale price€69
Bracelet cuir noir
Black Caiman Sale price€90
Bracelet cuir bleu #boucle argenté
Blue Caiman Sale price€90
#couleur_Boucle Acier #color_Steel Buckle
Grained Cognac Sale price€90
Bracelet cuir grainé gris #boucle argenté
Grained Gray Sale price€90
Bracelet cuir vert
Teju Green Sale price€90


The art of wrist enhancement

Each Beaubleu strap is carefully designed with a blend of tradition and modernity. They are made with quality materials, selected to ensure durability and comfort.

Steel straps are the result of an exclusive Beaubleu development. They reflect Beaubleu's commitment to innovation and quality.