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Beaubleu rencontre l’architecte Paul Jaquet : l'essentiel et la créativité

Beaubleu meets the architect Paul Jaquet: the essential and creativity

In search of the essential and temporal creation, happy coincidence led us to meet Paul Jaquet, architect and founder of HAME. We discuss with him his vision of multidisciplinarity, creation and time.

First meeting with Paul Jaquet

It all started with an email sent by a certain Paul Jaquet for a request for a private presentation of our collection. We then meet him in our offices where he observes and then tries Beaubleu watches. Our conversation eventually turns to exciting topics like architecture, automobiles and crafts. Due to lack of time, we decide to meet again. And this time, it's us who will move to a completely different setting. Head to his architectural studio at the beautiful Parisian agency Hame.

Paul Jaquet: essential and creativity

One Friday morning in January we wandered the streets of the 10th arrondissement of Paris, taking advantage of the clear weather. At the height of a 19th century building, Paul appears through a small hidden door and then invites us to enter. And there, surprise! We fall under the spell, after passing through a small interior courtyard, we discover every creative person's dream: a real workshop from the beginning of the last century overlooked by a glass roof surrounded by plants.

“No excuse for not working well,” Paul tells us, showing us the workshop in which there is a smell of freshly printed plans. Blue jacket, black T-shirt topped with a blonde hair, slightly weathered blue jeans, round-toed leather shoes, a moleskine notebook in hand and his Beaubleu Le Lumineux watch, Paul Jacquet, passionate and brilliant architect, welcomes us in. 

Paul Jacquet

Paul cut his teeth in large French agencies. One architecture prize led to another and another, the Hame agency was born. But back to the origin of all this, why architecture? For the same reason that we launched into design and watchmaking: to offer a prospective look at civilizations while crossing disciplines. What could be more exciting he tells us than “speaking and thinking about sociology, culture, philosophy in creation”. Looking at different works, we realize with pleasure that each project is driven by a search for the essential (no minimalism here), “what makes sense in a place”, a quest for accuracy.

His vision of time

A sketch on his table attracts our attention: a series of lines subtly reveals the facade of a house, impossible at this stage to guess the construction stage. Paul, seeing us wondering about this sketch, said to us laughing “ah that’s the question of a lifetime, how to know how to finish a creation (architectural or not), Auguste Peret said: “architecture is what makes beautiful ruins.” We have fun with this phrase which echoes the artisan Adrien Penso in relation to the beauty of an object in its patina.

Architecture shares the same links with regard to time, questioning its relationship, its origin and its purpose. For Paul Jaquet, time is punctuated by moments of attention and others more unconscious, this is how it is appreciated: by its relativity.

Today Beaubleu and Paul Jacquet use the same conception of time in their work: highlighting time in these tiniest details while making this vision grow, it is therefore not surprising to see the following displayed in his studio: “Temporality and Creation means taking the time to move quickly”, inspired by an old advertising slogan.

We come out of this beautiful morning with our heads full of images, inspiration, and motivation to help Beaubleu grow. The adventure has only just begun, and as Paul, as a good architect and entrepreneur, punctuates: “See you soon, and don't forget: one stone kills ten birds”!

Wishing you wonderful hours,