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Nicolas Ducoudert dessine à son bureau


All About After Hours

photo soirée discours Nicolas Ducoudert
Montre Vitruve GMT bleu bracelet tropic


Beyond Time

Since its creation in 2017, by designer Nicolas Ducoudert, Beaubleu embodies the desire to free oneself from codes through the culture of free time.

The round hands, emblematic of the brand, elevate each moment to the rank of unit of measurement of time and contribute to the creation of automatic watches that are both aesthetic and highly symbolic.

Beyond a simple brand, Beaubleu represents a community united around this vision, in a spirit where hedonism and creativity are advocated.


Challenge the status quo

Deeply convinced by the value of originality and the ability to surprise, we are in constant search of new ingredients to cultivate our unique vision of "the art of the twist".


Defending creative freedom

Creation, the driving force of innovation, culture and diversity, occupies a central place at Beaubleu. Essential to our personal and collective development, it is supported through our community and our initiatives.


Promote sustainability through attachment

We attach great importance to creating solid, useful and endearing objects that we want to keep and pass on. Always in a universe rich in meaning which arouses enthusiasm.

Portrait de Nicolas, le créateur de la Maison Beaubleu


Nicolas Ducoudert

Nicolas Ducoudert, specialized in automobile design and luxury products, is driven by the desire to create products that tell a story, both in their use and in the choice of materials. Each collection is the result of a reflection on time, opening the way to new forms of watchmaking.

Watches with round hands are the result of two main considerations: time and experience. Time is understood as a matter with which we interact, changing according to our perception. We can expand it by focusing on each moment or compress it by fidgeting. From this perspective, the watch becomes much more than a simple tool or accessory; it transforms into a real object of experience, where everyone is free to interpret it according to their own sensitivity.

The circle, being the starting point of any conceptualization of space, from astronomy to the proportions of a classic painting, occupies a fundamental place in my thinking. This is how circular hands naturally emerged as an obvious choice, offering a new way of conceiving and understanding time.