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Use and maintenance
from your watch

Here you will find the Beaubleu use and maintenance guide providing you with all the advice and precautions to preserve your watch over the years.


Good practices


Setting your watch

Winding allows the movement to store the energy necessary for the proper functioning of your watch.

“Automatic” means that your watch automatically stores energy when you wear it by simply swinging your wrist. Your daily movements allow the oscillating weight to perform rotating movements which, thanks to a system of gears in the mechanism, release the energy necessary for the movement to function properly and operate without you having to wind your watch manually.

If you have not worn your watch for several days, you will have to wind it manually. To do this, turn the crown clockwise when it is in position 0. As soon as the resistance increases, the mechanism is sufficiently wound. When you feel the resistance increasing, do not force it, as you risk damaging the movement mechanism.

Beaubleu Ecce smalt en train d'être manipulée



For light daily cleaning, we recommend using a soft cloth. If deep cleaning is needed, use of a soft-bristled toothbrush with cool water is recommended.


Magnetic Fields

Magnetic fields affect watches in different ways, but the main component that faces the battle is the hairspring. To prevent your watch from being magnetized, you should avoid areas with high magnetic fields, such as medical facilities, electrical rooms, speaker systems, and frequent thefts.


Sporting activities

We recommend that you do not wear your watch during sporting activities such as tennis, golf or mountain biking, to protect it from vibrations which could damage the movement.


Your bracelet

Easily change your bracelet, without tools

The straps of our watches are equipped with a lug pump. Thus, they are easily interchangeable without tools. The advantage of these pumps is that you can change your bracelet as many times as you want, quickly and without the risk of scratching the case of your timepiece.

Place your watch flat, face down, against a flat surface that will not slip or scratch (cloth or towel).
At the end of your bracelet, between the lugs, you can see the lug, a small protruding ball. Just apply a little pressure inwards and that's it. The pump dislodges to one side and the bracelet comes off completely. To put on your new strap, keep the watch on the cloth or towel with the dial turned over. Insert one side of the bracelet pump into the corresponding hole on the horn, then apply light pressure on the horn to reduce the size of the pump and slide it into the other hole. The watch strap is correctly positioned.


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