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Cercle Beaubleu Paris collection union montre automatiques aux aiguilles rondes Brio Bleu Klein

Le Cercle: the Beaubleu club that brings us together

By creating the Beaubleu club, we wanted to build a real community around the House. Today, the objective remains the same as at the beginning: to bring together our ambassadors.

A concept thought by us and made for you

Beaubleu is not just a company whose sole objective is to sell as many watches as possible without consideration. On the contrary. We thought of a concept to break down this hierarchy between enthusiasts and the brand.

First of all, we wanted to realize this passion that drives you by creating the Circle. And finally, you have established yourself as ambassadors. Through this status, you convey the image of Beaubleu in your everyday life while belonging to a real community of watch enthusiasts and not only that…

The interest of this union is to be able to share our common passions such as art, design, craftsmanship or even culture in a more generalized sense, through a relationship of trust which seems essential to us.

The advantages of Club Beaubleu for our ambassadors

So you understand, the club is only reserved for Beaubleu Ambassadors. In order to be considered as such, it is necessary to own at least one creation from the House.

An ambassador, a member of the club, is guaranteed access to a space entirely dedicated to him. In this spirit of trust, he will be informed in advance of our new collections and future collaborations. In addition, he will have the opportunity to co-create and give his opinion on the next collections with the Beaubleu designer. Each member of the circle will also be invited to events in collaboration with Beaubleu such as exhibitions, openings or even trade shows.

More than a Beaubleu, a circle... so see you soon!

Dear ambassadors, new products are being prepared. So for the most curious, do not hesitate to contact us on .

Wishing you wonderful hours.

The Beaubleu team