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Montre Beaubleu B01 - Le Lumineux

Beaubleu and its circular hands: a new vision of time

Two years ago, we organized the launch of our first collection of watches with circular hands in an art gallery in central Paris. Some of you were present, and later the others joined our universe. But it doesn't matter when you arrived, because today, you are all a piece of Beaubleu's history.

Make time your time

Watchmaking is a world of artistic and technical innovations, we all agree. But don't you think it's too traditional and "old"? The rules have never changed and today we find more and more copies of the most iconic watches. Where have creation and innovation gone? By creating Beaubleu, we want to offer a new vision of time. But first, what is time? Each response is very personal and unique. Of course, time is a value, but it changes, lengthens or shortens depending on the moment. Compare the five minutes you wait for your train (always late) and the five minutes you take to enjoy your glass of whiskey or your favorite cake. The verdict ?

“Beautiful is always strange”

I think Baudelaire couldn't have found another phrase that better fits Beaubleu's identity. Why do we think something is beautiful? Let's move on from the aesthetic side. Beauty can be something different, the perception of what is beautiful changes for everyone. An object becomes beautiful through an artistic and creative process, as we discussed during our meeting with Atelier Penso. And the strange? In fact, we think that the strange is a singularity which tends to go beyond the usual codes. For Beaubleu, our uniqueness must be our beloved circular hands, signature of the Maison.

beaubleu automatic watch brio bleu

The circular hands of our watches

The hands, often forgotten by the watch industry, are the result of in-depth design research for Beaubleu. They offer a different way of reading time, more poetic and narrative. Usually, the hands indicate a direction but for us, they mark a moment, a moment that becomes yours. Our hands dance and twirl to create a moving graphic that will surprise you at every moment.

Beaubleu and its round hands: a story of sharing

The history of Beaubleu's time begins with its name and its graphic signature, but to write the history of his time is to write the history of your time. By making time something more personal, we want to create a real relationship with you, dear ambassador. We had the pleasure of meeting you and you shared with us the most private anecdotes such as your wedding date and your favorite Brooks. The future is full of surprises because, as you know, you can access several events just with your watch. And finally, you will participate in the creation and development of our next collections. Never forget that Beaubleu's time is above all your time!

beaubleu circular hand