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Montre française aux aiguilles rondes vitruve origine acier cognac Beaubleu Paris

The aesthetics of your watch hands, a distinctive sign

After the success of the previous lines (“BO1” and “Union”), let’s return for a moment to the aesthetic elements that bring to our watches much more than quality artisanal watchmaking savoir-faire.

The hands contribute to the signature of the great Maisons

aiguilles rondes beaubleu

They are both essential mechanical elements in the constitution of a mechanical watch, but also a strategic end point to bring coherence to a successful design. In the shape of swords or fleur-de-lys, all are however based on a slender shape with a counterweight opposite the central head. Our creations are distinguished by an astonishing bias which is the pride of our Beaubleu watchmaking company by becoming our most beautiful distinctive sign: the first watch with a round hand!

A watch with round hands: a concept that goes against the grain

Since our creation in 2017, we have taken particular care to convey deeper emotions than the simple fact of producing a luxury piece of jewelry. The inspiration was born from an intimate reflection, both poetic and philosophical, from one of our founders, Nicolas Pham: time is a game that everyone can understand in their own way, because it is anything but linear. Anyone who focuses on their watch with a round hand is inevitably transported into a dreamlike sphere where the hands, like the planets around the solar star, intertwine in a cleverly orchestrated hypnotic broom.

Change your outlook on time

Our creations are the result of careful production:

- An Italian leather strap, easily interchangeable;
- A double folding clasp to protect the leather of the bracelet;
- Water resistance to 30 meters;
- An automatic, reliable and discreet mechanical movement.

Beautiful pieces assembled in our Parisian workshop await you in limited and numbered editions on our site.