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Different types of watch hands

In this article, we'll delve into the fascinating world of watchmaking by taking an in-depth look at the various types of hands that adorn watch faces.

The different types of materials

The stainless steel hand is very popular because it offers exceptional durability while displaying a classic, timeless look that suits most modern clothing styles. Stainless steel hands are typically made from a corrosion-resistant metal that will not rust.

Another type commonly used for watch dials is 316L surgical steel. This material not only offers excellent visual quality, but also great resistance to corrosion. There are also models with a PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating. This process provides better protection against scratches, wear, etc.

A third well-known type would be titanium. This material has a much lower density than steel. It will make your watch lighter without compromising its strength.

The different types of hands

There are three main types of hands: stick, felt and fine point.

  1. Baton hands: These hands are generally straight and thin, with a uniform width throughout their length. They are often used for their simplicity and elegance, providing clear readability on the watch face. Their sleek design makes them popular in watches with a minimalist or classic style.

  2. Leaf hands: These hands are distinguished by their tapered shape and their pointed end, evoking the silhouette of a leaf. These hands strike a balance between elegance and functionality, with their fine point allowing precise time reading while adding a touch of refinement to the watch face.

  3. Fine point hands: As their name suggests, these hands are characterized by their fine and pointed end. They are often used in contemporary or sporty style watches, where reading accuracy is essential. Their sharp design allows for accurate timekeeping, even on smaller dials, and they can add a touch of modernity to the overall aesthetic of the watch.

The circulars hands which adorn the automatic watches of Maison Beaubleu, are the result of in-depth design research. They offer a different way of reading time, more poetic and narrative. Usually, the hands indicate a direction but for us, they mark a moment, a moment that becomes yours. Our hands dance and twirl to create a moving graphic that will surprise you at every moment.