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montre automatique origine bleu

How to enhance your style with a blue watch?

The blue watch, an elegant and distinctive accessory, is a favorite choice for fashion lovers. Maison Beaubleu, with its unique watchmaking creations, perfectly illustrates this trend. This article will guide you on the best ways to pair a blue watch with your wardrobe.

The choice of colors: the perfect harmony with your watch

When wearing a blue watch, it is essential to harmonize the colors. Neutral tones like white, beige or gray are safe choices that highlight the watch without dominating it. These colors provide a subtle background that allows the watch to stand out elegantly.

Among the emblematic models of Maison Beaubleu, the Vitruve Origine Blue watch stands out for its timeless elegance. Its deep blue dial perfectly embodies the sophistication and know-how of the brand.

Contrasts and the blue watch: audacity and elegance

For a more daring style, don't hesitate to play with contrasts. Your blue watch can be combined with bright hues for a striking visual effect. For example, a red sweater or orange pants will create a pleasant contrast, emphasizing the beauty of the watch.

Accessorize with subtlety

When wearing a Maison Beaubleu watch, the choice of jewelry and accessories must be considered. Simple, elegant pieces, like thin bracelets or a delicate necklace, can complement your blue watch without weighing down your outfit.

Ideal outfits for your blue watch

Your clothing choices should also match your blue watch. For a professional look, opt for a simple shirt or suit. For a more casual look, quality jeans and a white top make a chic and modern ensemble.

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