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How do I wind my automatic watch?

You chose an automatic watch, but are wondering how to wind it? Here are some tips for winding your watch safely.

Why wind an automatic watch?

Although automatic, this type of watch must be wound as soon as it has not been worn for a long period of time. This helps preserve your watch and ensures its proper functioning. By winding it regularly, you extend the lifespan and precision of your timepiece.

How do I wind my Beaubleu automatic watch?

First of all, it is very important not to have your automatic watch on your wrist. Indeed, if you try to wind it while you are wearing it, it will exert pressure on both the stem and the winding crown. You therefore risk bending it and damaging the system of your watch.

Place your Beaubleu watch on a flat surface to prevent it from falling. With the crown in position 0, turn it clockwise. It takes approximately 30 turns to wind your automatic watch, and 70 for our GMT models.

Once your watch is wound up enough, you will feel a slight resistance. Do not go any further as this may damage the system.

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