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L'importance de la boucle déployante pour votre garde-temps

The importance of the butterfly strap for your timepiece

To open and close your watch in two movements, a special clasp is provided. Speed, solidity and style, these are the characteristics of the butterfly strap. But, what are the qualities of this system?

Which version of folding clasp to choose?

Generally used for watches with metal bracelets (steel, gold), folding clasps are equipped with a safety clip which prevents the loss of your watch in the event of accidental opening. Very sophisticated, they can be adjusted to your wrist provided you choose the right size which is between 16 to 24 mm.

There are two types of folding clasp:

- Simple: With a “V” joint, this model unfolds when opening and folds when closing using a press. It is the second most practical and common clasp after the barb.

- Double (or butterfly): Much more sophisticated than the simple model, this version has two joints which are hidden under the bracelet when the watch is closed. It is especially prized for its discretion.

The advantages of the butterfly strap?

The butterfly strap has several advantages:

- Quick and easy adjustment: Simply bend to the right size to put the watch on and press the press button to take it off.

- More modern comfort: This system is very pleasant to wear. It is suitable for all activities, even sports.

- Distinguished elegance: This accessory allows you to highlight the beauty of the watch at your fingertips. It can be matched with any type of style.

Conversely, leather offers a more traditional appearance to your watch. Thanks to our selection of interchangeable leather bracelets, you can also easily modify it according to your mood and your needs!