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abécédaire beaubleu


After receiving a significant number of messages about watchmaking, Beaubleu and its watches, time has come for us to share our common passion with you in the form of an alphabet book. So here is a first part to shine at your parties and know Beaubleu better than anyone.

A for automatic

Automatic: In watchmaking, there are two main categories of movements to operate a watch: the Quartz movement powered by a battery and the automatic movement which is powered solely by the movements of the wearer. The automatic movement present at Beaubleu is equipped with an oscillating weight visible through an openwork back going up the mechanism of your watch. The subtle and complex interplay of gears and other pivots, articulate the meticulous oiling of each component.

Beaubleu automatic Movement B01

B for Beaubleu

Beaubleu: Name of the House inspired by Baudelaire’s phrase “Beauty is always strange”. This oddity is understood as a strangeness going against classical codes. This Baudelairean vision is also that of Paris as the capital of creation whose symbolic color is blue. This “Parisian singularity” is therefore translated by Beaubleu. It is this philosophy that guides us in the creation of always innovative automatic watches from a technical, design and poetic point of view. Aesthetics should not take precedence over the experience an object provides, but it must work together to tell a story.

C for case band (lugs)

This watchmaking term designates the parts of the case which allow your bracelet to be attached to the lugs (case band). These parts are located at the top and bottom of the case. In a wristwatch, the space between the two lugs is where the bracelet is housed using a bar also called lug-to-lug. Beaubleu wristwatches feature unique hollowed-out lugs. Running along the cylinder middle, they curve slightly to naturally follow the shape of your wrist.

D for design

More lively than ever, French design is reinventing itself. He explores new avenues offered by technology, innovative materials, or new lifestyles. While seeking to respond to the universal need for comfort and beauty. Design and more specifically watch design, must combine technique and aesthetics to reveal the work of the artisans and the spirit of a watch.

design watch

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Wishing you wonderful hours!