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Comment faire quand votre montre prend l'eau

My automatic watch had water enter it, what should I do?

Over time, certain uses and/or wear can cause water to infiltrate your automatic watch. Whether it is due to improper handling of the crown or the seals which are tiring, it is important to contact your watchmaker or after-sales service. The longer you wait, the more serious the consequences will be. But don't panic, we'll explain all that to you.

First aid for your automatic watch

Before tinkering with your watch, it is necessary to know the origin of the leak. Only a qualified watchmaker or the brand's after-sales service will be able to resolve the problem. In all cases, they will carry out a battery of tests to establish which part(s) is responsible for the water entry, and finally fix the problem. There are several sensitive areas in an automatic watch that can cause a water resistance problem. The first zone is located at the level of the glass. If you're lucky, a little cleaning and drying of the dial and replacement of a gasket will be enough to get your watch safe. Excessive waiting or an attempt at “home-made” repairs will surely aggravate the damage, such as accelerating the spread of rust.

In any case, the watchmaker will not limit himself to the visible parts but will look into the movement to see how far the humidity has infiltrated. This can range from a simple trip in the machine to clean everything, to replacing a part. In the latter case, the costs are more substantial. In short, disassembly, cleaning, oiling, and testing are the steps in the common process to get your beloved watch back into working order.

Prevention is better than cure, what to do for your automatic watch

Certain actions can lead to these mishaps, such as mishandling the crown. You probably pulled it out or forgot to put it back in position 0 while swimming. Add violent blows or let your watch boil under the summer sun and you will increase the aging of certain parts essential to maintaining water resistance. To avoid or minimize a problem with your automatic watch, it is important to carry out regular servicing. Whether it’s waterproofing, magnetization or regularity of movement. It's like with your car, servicing and correctly driving will add years to your timepiece. Finally, if you have any questions or doubts about your Beaubleu automatic watch, do not hesitate to contact us or contact your approved watchmaker. Wishing you wonderful hours. Beaubleu