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Why Wear a Watch in 2024?

As a true timeless accessory, the watch is as much a utilitarian object as an ornament for men and women. However, it may be legitimate to ask whether, in the age of smartphones and connected objects, it is still relevant to wear a watch.

An accessory with a major role

Over time and with the evolution of morals, the watch rose to the role of fashion accessory, becoming an elegant way to express one's personality and assert one's aesthetic tastes. There is nothing better than wearing a watch to highlight your outfit, in all circumstances.

A very personal object

The watch is an object that we often buy out of love and with which we form a strong personal bond. It is not uncommon to see watches passed down from generation to generation. For men and women, the watch is an intimate and personal object with which we can associate countless stories and life moments.

This is why the quality of a watch is essential to last a lifetime, or even several, if it is passed down. You should therefore not hesitate to choose a watch that reflects your personality and whose quality is sufficient to last for decades.

Even though today we have countless ways to know the time at any time of the day or night, the smartphone and other connected objects will never replace the watch. It remains, in fact, much more elegant than any other object. When it comes to checking the time during a business meeting, a date or a family event, it is more elegant to check the watch on your wrist than to hold up a smartphone.

Thus, in addition to being an ornament, the watch is a practical and useful object, it is also a reflection of the personality of the person who wears it. Whether in 2023 or a century from now, wearing a watch on your wrist will remain relevant and fashionable.