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montre beaubleu le lumineux avec bracelet patine vert

Our Beaubleu report for the year 2019

What better exercise than that of taking stock, Beaubleu's perception of time as for you varies, "a whirlwind of a year" some will say, "long and tumultuous" for others. A year intense in emotions, in challenges and new developments for our House baptized by some "the House of round hands", a pride which deserves to be known.

Round hands travel

As some of you already know, we founded this adventure in the privacy of an art gallery in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, taking care to forge together a community of enthusiasts around our pieces. We have preserved this relationship by remaining on the internet and therefore giving everyone the opportunity to choose their numbered piece and test the watches during private presentations.

And then it was on the café terrace, in the metro or during parties that we overheard conversations and comments on the new watch of “my friend”, “my birthday”, or “my latest purchase”: a Beaubleu .

One word, two syllables that became known thanks to you at the Department Stores. The opportunity therefore emerged for us, that of opening up (finally! some would say) to a few renowned distributors. Collaboration with great fanfare with Le Printemps whose success was established from the first days, quickly placing us in three major Printemps brands (Versailles, Deauville, and Haussmann Paris).

And although Beaubleu is anchored in the main streets of major cities in France, the watches travel. You have seen them in Japan, Canada, the United States, Mexico or even in a Paris-Marseille TVG for example.

It is therefore at each needle position that a new design is formed for Beaubleu, allowing us today to gradually grow thanks to strong and lasting relationships.

The Beaubleu Club

Upon receipt of your Beaubleu watch, you have entered the Beaubleu club, thus offering you a privileged relationship with our team. The trust established has recently allowed us to share with you our latest creations in preview – whether they are the bracelets patinated in our workshop or the next collection. You have been extremely passionate and enthusiastic in the joint development of the House. The studio wall is now filled with your messages of congratulations and encouragement (Instagram, emails, even letters) pushing us to always want to surprise you more and move you with our creations.

What's new in 2020

New challenges, new creations. As you might have suspected, the first limited edition collection was a victim of its success and for several months now, I have been busy drawing and designing the next pieces comprising the new aspirations of the House. A collection ensuring that the boundaries between men's watches and women's watches are removed. A collection in the continuity of what makes Beaubleu strong, adding elegant details for ever more poetry and innovation.

The important challenge also for this new year is to continue to make our hands known while favoring our Ambassadors. This is why Beaubleu will present its new collection in a unique way next February.

It is therefore with pleasure and enthusiasm that the entire Beaubleu team joins me in wishing you wonderful times for this year 2020.

Nicolas Pham-Ducoudert
Designer and co-founder Beaubleu