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Beaubleu le Dynamique B01

Beaubleu, let's recap the year 2018

Beaubleu Ambassadors

A year already, but what a year! The perfect opportunity to wish you a wonderful year 2019 and look back on the crazy adventure of Maison Beaubleu.

A look back at this year

Founded in September 2017, we presented our universe and our first watch collection to the public and the press in the form of a video and an exhibition in the magnificent Galerie Jamault in Paris. From there, we opened pre-orders, the opportunity for us to let you know the manufacturing process of our timepieces until the first deliveries in April 2018. The community was then formed in France and started to extend in a few months to Europe thanks to everyone's support and the enthusiasm of the press during our visit to Baselworld (nb: international watch show). Beaubleu quickly became known for its design, which earned us several articles “The House of Round Hands”.

The bet succeeds: offering a new watchmaking vision based on design, audacity and poetry. It only took 7 months from the creation of the House to the delivery of the watches to realize the ambition of a team, design and know-how. Today, you, the Beaubleu community, is present in more than 15 countries, the majority of which interact regularly with us (sharing photos, style advice, etc.). It is therefore to cultivate this wonderful proximity and to provide a closer experience of our watch pieces that we are pleased to announce that Beaubleu watches will be present in 2019 in the most prestigious Parisian department stores and national concept stores. 

And what plans for the future?

But that's not all, several collections are on the way, including a first limited edition bracelet that will adorn the B01 collection. Many of you are asking us about the next watches and we are already able to tell you that only owners of Beaubleu watches will have the opportunity to preview the models and select those that will be part of the B02 collection. . Then the latter will be presented to the public at an event with the possibility of pre-ordering your favorite pieces. Finally, as every ambassador knows, Beaubleu offers cultural events (concerts, shows, fairs), artistic events (exhibitions, openings) and workshops accessible to Beaubleu wearers throughout 2019. A (first) year was therefore passed, full of twists and turns, good and not so good but which allow us today to develop and share our passion and our ambition as creator of experiences. The entire Beaubleu team thanks you again for your support, trust and dynamism. Wishing you wonderful hours, Kind regards, Nicolas Pham, Co-Founder & Chief Designer

Thanks for the support, work and enthusiasm

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