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Beaubleu collection Union montre automatique aux aiguilles rondes Audace Noir sur homme

A few words about the first Beaubleu universal collection

You couldn't have missed them. In recent days, we have posted photos of the watches that will make up our next universal collection. Of course the suspense continues, but don't worry, we will soon reveal them in full (it's only a matter of hours), but before that, let us tell you about them...

After 2 years, as you have understood, our first universal collection is arriving, to our greatest pleasure! A few small changes – but which make a big difference – have been made.

The first universal Beaubleu collection…

“Universal”, a big word. This is our way of telling you that this collection is for everyone.

Our universal collection is therefore the result of multiple reflections on watchmaking. This collection abolishes the boundaries between genres and redefines unisex watchmaking. Our objective was to find a balance with a unique case size and an elegance signed Beaubleu.

intrepide bleu watch

…Created with our Ambassadors

Beaubleu watchmaker with round hands, yes but not only that. As we like to say, Beaubleu is not just about watches. We like to share our passions and experiences with you, hence the Club Beaubleu that we created especially for our Ambassadors. It gives access to numerous advantages, including that of co-creation of collections. This is how for the first time (and not the last), we called on our dear Ambassadors to put together this new collection with us, and once again attention to detail was at the heart of our discussions! They were all very concerned and played the game wonderfully, sharing their comments and expectations with us, but also their encouragement and congratulations.

And the third round hand with the universal collection!

Highly anticipated, the third round seconds hand makes its appearance. Easily recognizable by its treatment different from that of the hours or minutes, it offers new poetry on the dial while maintaining great readability. When you see it sliding across the curved or flat velvet-colored dials, it's hard to take your eyes off it and you can only see the minutes passing by.

wtach woman wrist

Our new collection, the name of which will be revealed to you at the same time as the models, will be launched for the first time on the Kickstarter financing platform. Still in our desire to favor individuals over department stores, the pieces will be presented and available for pre-order on February 29 with a preferential price.