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Montre automatique aux aiguilles rondes vitruve origine acier bleu Beaubleu Paris

The dials: Symbol and manufacture of the blue watch

Luxury watchmaking has been, ever since it existed, a driving force and vector of innovation. Part of this movement, Maison Beaubleu breaks the codes of classic luxury watchmaking by putting its creativity at the service of the experience. Discover here the particularities of Beaubleu and its blue watches.

Blue watch, from dial to hands

The two strong markers of our brand are its round hands and a thoughtful choice of colors made to the different models. With strong symbolism, the blue watch is in the colors of Paris. A city of enthusiasm and a source of reflection, both inspiring and complex, it is also where Maison Beaubleu timepieces are made. The round hands, positioned in the center of the dial, offer a fascinating mise en abyme. They gravitate, like the revolution of the planets in a solar system. This image of infinity challenges and questions our relationship to time as the hands cross and overlap. Our models, like the blue watch, operate using an automatic mechanism and are all available in limited editions. Luxury and prestige reside not only in the material, but also in rarity and transience.

A unique design, reflection of a conception of time

The blue watch is a call to reflection on time, on the perception of it and the way in which it passes. Our round hands do not just designate, but also frame time, trying to capture part of it. They are curved, like time which is not linear. Time is the most precious resource, and it is the foundation of our blue watches. They do not only provide information about a state at a specific moment in time. They refer to the unfathomable aspect of the latter, elusive. What could be better than a circle, an infinite loop, to try to capture a moment that we know is elusive by nature? Beaubleu watches allow everyone to imagine and express their conception of the passing of time.

They are not just watches, they are unique jewels that allow a different relationship with time.