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Watch straps for women

Choosing the right watch strap for women is essential. Depending on the watch chosen and the characteristics of its frame, the bracelet is of great importance. Its role is to accentuate the contours of the watch and it is one with your wrist. Opting for the women's watch strap suited to your body shape and personality shows your good taste.

The leather watch strap: light and authentic

Leather is included in the category of noble materials. Opting for a leather watch strap means adopting the vintage style. This bracelet has the advantage of being worn every day and brings a touch of lightness through its authenticity. Well maintained, it will be your faithful companion for a very long time.

The women's steel watch strap: robust and comfortable

If you want a durable, yet comfortable watch strap , the steel bracelet is for you. It goes perfectly well with the dial, also in steel. This bracelet is a sure value in terms of strength when it is correctly adjusted. Steel bracelets are available in stainless steel or Milanese mesh, but also in gold, rose gold or even carbon titanium coating.

The silicone watch strap

The silicone bracelet is very present in the sports environment. It still appeals to sports fans. It gives a modern style and is very comfortable to wear. Silicone gives it great resistance and appreciable flexibility, perfect for practicing all sports.

The women's nylon watch strap: a subtle marriage between robustness and lightness

A nylon watch strap is the result of a union revolving around the notions of elegance, robustness and lightness. This bracelet, with its pronounced style, is durable. In addition, the nylon bracelets are interchangeable and go with all your outfits to highlight your urban chic character.