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What are the foundations on which Beaubleu is based?

Since our beginnings, we have been keen to share with you our vision of watchmaking and time. Today, what do you think about turning to three main foundations on which Beaubleu rests?

French savoir-faire, a major element of the Beaubleu foundations

At Beaubleu, savoir-faire begins on paper with our designer and co-founder, Nicolas. A Parisian from a young age, the elegance, excitement, paradoxes and beauty of the capital are at the origin of his inspiration and the creation of our watch pieces. Indeed, the inscription “Parisian creation” on the dial of our watches directly refers to the local savoir-faire which occupies a special place in the creation of Beaubleu pieces. This Parisian anchorage therefore allows us to ensure careful monitoring during the assembly and control stages. Another important point is our desire to work directly with our professional partners. For what ? Quite simply because without an intermediary, the relationships created are stronger with a better understanding of each person's needs, to ultimately offer you the best possible quality.

Thus, our objective through this approach is to create local synergies and relationships of trust to develop French watchmaking (at our level of course). French watchmaking is an opportunity, we are seizing it.

A limited edition production

Have you ever noticed the “limited edition” inscription and the tracking number on the back of a Beaubleu watch? What if we told you that behind this inscription hides a more advanced philosophy of the creation and production of our pieces? Let us explain...

Choosing to offer you limited edition collections, which will not be reissued, creates a discomfort that is fertile for innovation. We do not rest on our achievements, but we always seek the singularity and poetry that is dear to us in order to express it through our creations.

But still ? Producing in reduced quantities allows us to maintain a high level of quality. In fact, producing excellent quality with one part is not the same constraint as for 10,000 parts. This is why having reasoned production strongly contributes to better quality of parts.

Finally, all watches produced are numbered to certify their unique character. A rarity that establishes a special relationship between the watch and its wearer. A fundamental principle of the house, implemented since the launch of the first timepieces.

Our universal vision of watchmaking

Are they only for men? But, do you have a collection for women? Here are the types of questions that come up often, and which we like to answer in order to explain our reasoning.

First of all, we believe that the style of a watch should not be designed for a man or a woman, but it must transcend this dichotomy. Indeed, the choice of a watch is more akin to the choice of dimensions, design or comfort of the watch, but above all not to the gender of the customer.

Beyond butterflies, skulls and other decorations, we believe that experience is the keystone of watchmaking creations. A Beaubleu watch is a watch that tells a story, which everyone can perceive differently depending on the light or the occasion. This is how, with the Union collection, we express this idea of ​​a universal watch.

And there you have it, you now know three foundations of our watchmaking house. Each creation is therefore based on these pillars which define Beaubleu's philosophy and its vision of watchmaking.

Wishing you wonderful hours,

The Beaubleu team