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The history of the mechanical watch

Since the dawn of time, man has tried to master time, to understand it in order to better tame it. In the first days of mastery of time, this measurement was done with a sundial and then an hourglass. These first measures did not satisfy the man who has always innovated to create this fateful tempo which is the slow, graceful and precise flow of a mechanical watch. Let's take a detailed look at the history of the mechanical watch.

The history of the mechanical watch

The first mechanical clocks appeared in the 14th century. their mechanism, although it did not allow the time to be displayed, announced each hour with the sound of a bell.

The history of the mechanical watch is one of innovation and technical improvement, and it was a century later that the first dial clocks saw the light of day thanks to a clever system of gears.

Miniaturization, the innovation that will revolutionize the mechanical watch

Many years followed, working both for a process of simplification and especially miniaturization.

It was in the 16th century that the first wearable watches finally appeared. This invention is attributed to the German watchmaker Peter Henlein. His watch model is usually worn around the neck.

Gradually, these watches will flatten out, become smaller, more discreet to become the pocket watch or the pocket watch.