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Histoire du mouvement Miyota

History of the Miyota movement

Today, the Miyota movement is certainly the most famous Japanese watch movement in the world. Renowned for its reliability and robustness, it also offers excellent value for money. Discover the little-known history of this essential movement!

At the origin of the Miyota movement: Citizen Watch Co.

When at the end of the 19th century, Japan finally opened up to international trade after centuries of isolation, the Japanese began to learn watchmaking from the Swiss. Very quickly, Japanese watchmakers became specialists and developed their own watch industry. In 1918, the CITIZEN company was founded (which became Citizen Watch Co. in 1930). It gradually established itself as a pioneer in the development of new movements through its branch “Miyota”, established in the 1950s in the city of the same name.

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The Miyota movement in a few dates

- 1959 Citizen Watch establishes a movement manufacturing factory in the town of Miyota (Nagano, Japan).

- 1980/1981 The sale of Miyota movements begins and the iconic “Caliber 2035” model is introduced to the market.

- 2009 The Miyota 9015 automatic movement, a revolutionary development of the 8215 caliber, goes on sale.

- 2016 A large movement assembly factory is opened in the city of Saku (Nagano, Japan).

Reliable movements for your Beaubleu watch

For around forty years, Miyota movements have been highly prized for their high precision and attractive value for money. For this reason, they equip many watch brands around the world. The Beaubleu house, which favors superior quality materials, has decided to equip its watches in 2017 with the revolutionary Miyota 9015 movement to guarantee reliability and robustness.