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Luminova et fluorescence : quelle différence ?

Luminova and fluorescence: what’s the difference?

In the world of watches, a watch's ability to glow in the dark is an essential aspect for many enthusiasts and collectors. Two main technologies enable this luminescence: fluorescence and Luminova. This article explores the differences between these two technologies and highlights the benefits of Luminova, particularly for self-winding watches.

Key points :

  • Luminova, invented in the 1990s by the Japanese company Nemoto, is non-radioactive and used in watchmaking and signage.
  • The SuperLuminova, which appeared in 2007, is an improved version of the Luminova, offering greater luminosity and reserved for watchmaking.
  • Unlike fluorescence, which requires a continuous light source, Luminova functions as a light accumulator, restoring the latter in the dark.

Fluorescence, how does it work?

Fluorescence is a process where a material absorbs light and re-emits it almost immediately in a different and often brighter color.

To understand the mechanism of fluorescence, it is essential to know the three main elements involved:

  • Radium: It provides electrons and a small amount of blue light, but not enough to cause visible luminescence.
  • Copper (Cu+) : It absorbs electrons and transmits the excitation to ZnS by transforming into a metal.
  • Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) : It is the fluorescent material that emits light when excited.

Removing any of these causes the luminescence to immediately turn off. In other words, fluorescence is the result of a complex dance between these components, where zinc sulfide (ZnS), with its unique crystal structure, plays the main role.

Luminova, what are the advantages of your automatic watch?

Luminova is a luminescent technology that offers many advantages for self-winding watches. Unlike active illumination or electro-illumination systems, the Luminova does not require an external battery, making it ideal for mechanical watches.

History and development of Luminova

Luminova was developed to replace older luminescent technologies like tritium, which required regular replacement of gas tubes. This innovation made it possible to create watches with more durable luminescence and without frequent maintenance. Luminova is also safer for the environment and health, as it does not contain radioactive substances.

Comparison with other luminescent technologies

The Luminova represents a significant advancement for self-winding watches, providing long-lasting luminescence, without the need for frequent maintenance or external batteries.

It stands out for its ability to shine intensely after a short exposure to light. Unlike watches using systems like LLT (Luminox Light Technology), which require gas microtubes, the Luminova offers a simpler and just as effective solution.



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