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Beaubleu Collection Union montre automatique aux aiguilles rondes Olympe Or Rose cadran blanc

The Beaubleu adventure continues with the manufacturing of the Union Collection

After 35 days of successful pre-orders, we are now just days away from launching production. Like back to school, we check for the hundredth time all the elements that will allow us to start this important phase. Although this stage of production is intense (quality and delivery), we will share with you the production of your watches, from the first steel blocks to the assembly of your bracelets and the manufacturing of the circular hands.

A meeting that we will have together approximately every 15 days on different platforms (website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram) to learn all the beauty and requirements of the production of our Beaubleu watches.

To begin, our craftsmen will tackle the most demanding part: the case. The centerpiece of the watch, it must accommodate - to within 0.01 mm - elements such as the movement, the dial, or even the bracelet. Then we will carefully validate the dimensions of the case to ensure production of the other parts. 

Initially, all the pieces will be produced, then refined over the weeks, such as the dial which will go from a piece of granulated metal to a fine, smooth lacquer. We will then go to our leather craftsman to select the skins which will be used to make your precious genuine Italian leather bracelets. As nothing is linear in production, we will guide you in the form of a logbook of our different craftsmen and professional partners.

As an ambassador of the House, you will be informed of all the important stages of the manufacturing of your watch, from the design of the watch to the finishing touches given to your watch.

As you know, since the beginning, we have been building Beaubleu with our loyal community with unfailing enthusiasm. This is how, through this logbook, we once again integrate you, fully, into the adventure to follow the different stages of our watches.

We wish you wonderful hours,

The Beaubleu team