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mouvement Miyota montre automatique

Miyota Movements: The history of the Japanese automatic watch

Miyota Movements: The History of the Japanese Automatic Watch The Miyota movement is one of the most popular automatic movements used in Japanese watches. It was developed by the Citizen Watch Co. in the early 1980s and has since become a favorite choice for watch brands around the world. 

The characteristics of the miyota movement

The Miyota movement is known for its reliability and precision. It is also easy to adjust and maintain, making it an ideal choice for brands looking to offer quality automatic watches at an affordable price. It is also equipped with a rotor that winds automatically, which helps extend the life of the watch.

The impact on the Japanese watch industry

The Miyota movement had a huge impact on the Japanese watch industry. It allowed Japanese brands to offer quality automatic watches at an affordable price, thus competing with established Swiss brands. This also led to an increase in demand for Japanese watches in the international market, thereby contributing to the growth of the Japanese watch industry.

Beaubleu Union collection automatic watch with round hands Olympe case back with Miyota 9015 movement

The impact on international watchmaking

The Miyota movement also had an impact on the international watch industry. It gave foreign brands access to a reliable and affordable movement, helping them offer quality automatic watches at competitive prices. This has also contributed to the emergence of new watch brands in the international market, providing consumers with a greater variety of choices.

In conclusion, the Miyota movement has played a key role in the history of the Japanese automatic watch, providing an affordable and reliable solution for watch brands. He also had a significant impact on the Japanese and international watch industry, contributing to the growth and emergence of new brands. Watches equipped with this movement are therefore an excellent option for those looking for a quality automatic watch at an affordable price, Miyota has become a key player in the global watch industry.