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Beaubleu montre automatique aux aiguilles rondes Brio Vert Emeraude avec le bracelet en vert

Step 3 in the production of the Union Collection: the bracelets

The Union Collection watches are still in production, but at the same time we are taking care of a completely different detail. Ever since they moved from the pocket to the wrist, watches have needed straps that wrap around your wrist.

Our Union Collection is therefore offered with three leather straps, blue, black or green, whose exotic details reveal a real personality to the watches. Our particularity? Each bracelet is made by hand, making it truly unique (we almost want to say the most unique in the world).

June 16, 2020

The manufacturing of our bracelets has started. The hides are purchased raw, then prepared and tanned on site. How's it going ? The skins will undergo different treatments, carried out by specific (and traditional) machines. These machines are essential for refining the skin and its tanning.

Of course, as with each element of the watch, certain pieces of leather do not have the quality necessary to make our bracelets, so they must be permanently removed from the production line. The team therefore works to detect scratches and stains on the skins to keep only the best quality pieces.

After selecting the parts that we will use to make the bracelets, we must dye the skins to obtain the colors of our bracelets: green, blue and green. Then, it will be a question of creating the alligator details, for the black and blue bracelet, and teju for the green bracelet.

When we have the desired colors and details, the hides are polished to obtain the best possible finish and protect the leather over the long term.

June 24, 2020

Once the leathers are stored, we begin cutting the skins into the best parts so we will obtain the different elements that will make up the bracelet.

If you didn't know, a bracelet consists of carefully selected skin on the top and a leather lining that is imperatively treated to be biocompatible (hypoallergenic among other things). Between these two strips of leather, we place a tear-resistant reinforcement to make the bracelet not only more comfortable, but also more durable over time with daily use. These three elements are therefore first glued, then individually sewn by hand.

In order to create solid tone-on-tone stitching, our leather artisans use the saddle stitch. This involves having a needle at each end of the thread, then alternately passing a thread above and a thread below at each point.

The final touch is the application (always by hand) of a colored resin to protect the edge of the leather. For the blue and green bracelets, we chose an azure blue resin, for an ever more pronounced contrast.

June 30, 2020

Now, you need to make a cut in the bracelet in order to insert the flash pump. This will allow you to change your bracelet more easily at home, without tools.

Of course this bracelet manufacturing process ends with a quality control before receiving them at the Workshop, where they will then be added to the watches when they are assembled, according to the choices you have made.