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Beaubleu collection Union montre automatique aux aiguilles rondes Brio Vert Emeraude sur femme

The Union Collection is growing, why and how?

It's now been a little over 10 days since our Kickstarter campaign got off to an excellent start with the launch of the Union Collection. In less than 24 hours (18 hours and 20 minutes to be exact), we reached our fundraising goal! Many of you took part in our project and we thank you. The general enthusiasm allows us today to expand the offering of the Union collection. We explain why and how.

More backers, more elegance

We announced it on Kickstarter a few days ago, as soon as we reach the €100,000 funding level, a new bracelet option will be unlocked. “But why not have done it before? » - Each piece that we produce requires a minimum quantity of production in order to offer high quality products at the fairest price, the objective now exceeded therefore allows us to plan additional production of bracelets including one which was important to us particularly close to my heart: Le Téju Vert Saint Martin. A leather bracelet, whose green comes in shades ranging from emerald to bottle green. A touch of originality combined with elegance that will perfectly complement the Union watch you have chosen.

As with the other bracelets that we offer (black, navy blue, black/blue edge, navy blue/blue edge), this one is entirely made of genuine leather and handmade. Depending on your movements and positions, a blue slice will add a touch of contrast that will surprise you at the most opportune moment. 

A 7th watch for the Union Collection? 

Very intriguing news... but which will only be revealed to you when we have reached €200,000 in funding for the same reasons mentioned above.

We can't really tell you what's behind this surprise - it wouldn't be one otherwise... Different questions will surely be running through your head now. What model, what dial, what color, what shades? The suspense will have to last because we will only be able to tell you what exactly is going on when we are close to this new objective. One thing is sure, you will not be disappointed!

There you go, you know everything (well almost). We have introduced you to the two surprises that await you if we manage to exceed the stages of €100,000 then €200,000. Beautiful objectives which, we hope, will be exceeded for your greatest happiness!

An excitement beyond borders for the Union Collection

The new Union collection is also making a lot of noise outside of the kickstarter campaign, both in France but today throughout the world - “circular hands have stood as a clean and beautiful symbol of time” - This enthusiasm shared by the experts and watchmaking enthusiasts further underlines the vision of the Beaubleu community, a poetic and surprising watchmaking.