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Unisex watches

“Women’s watches”, “men’s watches”, these categories still exist in most watchmaking companies. But are they still intended to continue? Is the distinction relevant today? Not for Beaubleu anyway. Woman or man, beautiful watchmaking is a question of choice and style. It is aimed at everyone and is in no way a gender story.

Unisex watches: the trend

“Women’s Watches” and “Men’s Watches”, it would seem that in watchmaking as in fashion it is not on the agenda. The trend is towards no gender. Whether on the red carpet or in the street, it's not the type that makes the wrist and vice versa.

Women play a certain role in this movement and no longer hesitate to wear models with diameters that were previously reserved for men.

As for men, they are far from being impervious to this little revolution. While many lend their favorite watch to their partner, the opposite is also true. Men will dig into the small dials to accessorize their outfits. And some male stars will not say the opposite when they dare to elegantly wear jewelry watches in the spotlight.

Unisex watches: watch brands are following suit

So genders are becoming more fluid and with them most of the collections in the catalog of watch brands. These are aimed at everyone, women and men, without distinction, in particular by presenting their new collections without gender category but with dials of varied diameters.

The size of the cases does not deviate from the trend. If the small 34 mm was the reference in the 1950s, the 1990s and 2000s saw wrists adorned with much more imposing watches. The fact remains that today the 39 mm is really popular. For what ? Because it allows you to display a versatile, timeless watch on your wrist, both sporty and elegant. But also - and above all - because it is a mixed size which suits both muscular and slender wrists.

In its various collections, Beaubleu has always offered models that remain “proportioned” in the size of their case to suit everyone, both women and men.

Women's watches, men's watches, unisex watches: it's time for freedom

Whether you have an oversized dial or a mini model, whether you like gem-set watches or more sober pieces, it doesn't matter. The message is clear: women and men, do what you want!

A watch expresses itself through the person who wears it. The important thing is not the gender but the way in which we appropriate this object, how we will wear it, and what it represents. This is our vision at Beaubleu. Style frees itself from any gender, it is a question of choice and freedom.