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Beaubleu lance sa nouvelle collection Ecce

Beaubleu launches its new Ecce collection

Beaubleu unveils the first pieces of its permanent collection. This step marks the advent of a collection that will be a lasting part of the universe of the Maison.

The genesis

Punctuated by three limited edition collections, Beaubleu's early years laid the foundations for a philosophy of free time, symbolized by its emblematic round hands. Certain models have left an indelible mark on the epic tale of Beaubleu, thus forging its unique identity. After six years of existence, the Maison is taking the time to consolidate its heritage by introducing a permanent collection.

The Limits of Success

The growing enthusiasm around Beaubleu appears like an infinite horizon. However, success is not without its challenges, and the scarcity of certain popular models becomes inevitable in the face of growing demand. In response to this, the permanent collection is emerging as a solution, avoiding the excessive production of limited pieces on a large scale. Thus, Beaubleu humbly continues to contribute to watchmaking history with a lasting collection, ready to dazzle watch lovers around the world.

Manufacturing Secrets

Every great watchmaking creation lies in its manufacturing secrets, and Beaubleu is no exception to this rule. The new collection perpetuates the tradition by remaining faithful to the ingredients that have forged the identity of the Maison. A subtle blend of “velvet” colors, delicate attention to the play of light, and an unwavering love for symmetry and the essential are found in each room. The permanent collection is inspired with respect and integrity by previous limited editions, each step having been a progression towards ever more impeccable quality.

Beaubleu's new permanent collection embodies the eternal brilliance of a Maison that transcends time. Through these creations, Beaubleu writes a new chapter in its history, combining past exclusivity with the audacity of the future. Each watch thus becomes the witness of a continuous evolution, symbolizing the unwavering commitment to the watchmaking art of the Maison. By unveiling these unique pieces, Beaubleu offers its admirers a timeless journey, capturing the very essence of time passing with elegance and precision.