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Montre design aux aiguilles rondes vitruve date acier Beaubleu Paris

Why are our watch cases round?

From the hands to the case and the dial, Beaubleu offers a poetic alternative to traditional watchmaking. Between innovation and aesthetics, the famous blue watch questions and disrupts our relationship with time.

A round watch case for a harmonious design

With its emblematic round hands and its rounded watch case, the Beaubleu brand makes roundness a signature. The brand's timepieces combine elegance and originality with that touch of non-conformism that makes all the difference. The Beaubleu Paris house has atypical characteristics: Rounded needles; a rounded dial and watch case; a Japanese slim Miyota 9015 automatic movement and the alternation of surface appearance between polished and brushed

The Beaubleu philosophy: another relationship to time

montre verte sur plante

Saint Augustine said: “If no one asks me what time is, I know what it is; If someone asks me and I want to explain it, I don’t know anymore.” Understanding time is far from being an easy exercise and sometimes goes beyond comprehension. How can we conceive this mysterious reality which makes the past inaccessible, the present instantaneous and the future elusive?

In the world of watchmaking, where straight hands impose a unique and oriented reading of time, round hands and dials offer a new approach to temporality. Beaubleu watches challenge an entire watchmaking tradition that presents time as something controllable.

And yet, both complex and fascinating, our relationship with time is far from linear. It passes either too quickly or too slowly and, when we try to control it, it escapes us completely... The design of the blue watch underlines this complexity with grace and humility. Far from simply indicating the time, the Beaubleu timepiece seizes the moment, captures a moment as if to better tame the present.

Hands and a round watch case... The Beaubleu house revisits luxury watchmaking for you in harmony and elegance!